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More than 60% of adults in the UK still do not have a Will. Are you one of them?



If you haven’t already made a Will then you should read this. Because without a Will you will die intestate, which means...

• THE GOVERNMENT – decides who gets your money and your property.

• MARRIED COUPLES AND CIVIL PARTNERS – the law sets financial limits as to how much your spouse or civil partner can receive. As such, even though you may want ‘everything’ to pass to your spouse/civil partner, there is no provision to guarantee this will happen.

• COUPLES LIVING TOGETHER – the law currently makes no provision for unmarried partners to inherit anything from each other and so the surviving partner could receive nothing at all. This is regardless of whether or not you have children together.

• PARENTS – without a Will the authorities could be involved in deciding who will care for and raise your children.

• SEPARATED COUPLES – your spouse may inherit all, or a significant share, of your estate, even if you have been separated for many years.

• INHERITANCE TAX – the rules of intestacy make no provision for mitigating Inheritance Tax.

• TIME & COMPLICATIONS – an estate can take longer to administer when a valid Will isn't in place and without your guidance and planning, complications can occur. This can also create tensions within your family as known wishes may not be carried out.

• PERSONAL ITEMS – without a Will there is no guarantee who will receive those important family items.

Is this really what you want to happen?


A standard Will certainly sets out your final wishes but everyone's situation is unique and so a Will is created bespoke for you and can also include...


This can ensure that your spouse (or the co-owner of the property) can continue to benefit from the property during their lifetime while ensuring that your chosen beneficiaries inherit it ultimately.

The surviving spouse has certain rights and protection during their lifetime but they cannot re-direct the property to different beneficiaries. This means your wishes are guaranteed to be carried out.



This can help you choose an age at which your children will inherit from your estate. A lot of parents believe that 18 years old is too young to have such a responsibility.

This type of trust can also ensure that your children benefit when the time is right for them. Again a trust will guarantee that only your chosen beneficiaries will receive your assets.


No-one wants to pay more tax than they absolutely have to. This trust can help you to plan and mitigate inheritance tax.



This trust can ensure that children, grandchildren or elderly relatives, such as aged parents can continue to live in your home following your passing.



This very powerful document compliments a Will and allows you to choose someone that you trust to make important decisions on your behalf should you lose the ability to manage your own affairs.


These documents are also known as Living Wills and allow you set out to medical professionals and your loved ones how you would wish to be cared for and treated in the event that you were seriously ill with little or no hope of recovery.

There is so much more that can be achieved by creating your own bespoke Will and Quick-Wills highly trained and qualified Estate Planning Consultants will be able to assist you throughout the whole process, providing you with appropriate advice until you are completely satisfied with the decisions you have made.


Remember this document will be used one day

Through our Aftercare service, you only need to go through the full process of making a Will once. Taking advantage of our Secure Storage and Dedicated Aftercare facility gives you the peace of mind that your documents are safe and should you wish to update them at any time, due to ever changing family circumstances, we will do this for you without further charge.


For more information concerning Lasting Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, please see rear cover.


LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY: Property & Financial Affairs

These documents are at least as important as having a professionally written Will.  Whilst we look to get our affairs in order when we die we seldom consider the consequences of what might happen should we become unable to look after ourselves, whether this is through dementia, or loss of mental faculties through an accident or illness.

Who would look after your affairs – or put it another way, who has legal authority to access your finances or deal with your property when you are the only person authorised to?  Without this cover, your loved ones do not have any authority to handle your affairs and have to apply to the Court of Protection to gain legal permission. All this takes a significant amount of time and money.

Lasting Powers of Attorney documents can be viewed as an insurance policy you can take out should you suffer a problem some time in the future, leaving you unable to look after yourself. These documents allow you to appoint people you trust, such as members of your family or friends, who can step in and make decisions on your behalf.


LIVING WILL: Advanced Decision

These documents make known your preferences about any future medical treatment. Whilst still in full possession of your faculties this document allows you to give direction as to what should happen in the event of a terminal or serious illness/injury with no hope of recovery to any acceptable quality of life.

It is usually made with the object of ensuring that, should you find yourself in a state of terminal illness and incapacity, no procedures are used in which your life would be prolonged if that life was not capable of rational existence. This is also a very kind and loving gesture to your relatives or friends as they are now relieved of making life and death decisions at such a distressing time.

You will receive three Living Wills (Advance Decision) documents; one for your doctor, one for the hospital records and one for your next of kin.